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Miks made me realize what I was doing wrong- so I could attract my Mr.Right!

- Linda Romanazzo, real estate agent

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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Nicole Lyons make up artist, creator of Sybel Cosmetics

    Miks revealed some red flags and opened my eyes to things I had been missing out on. After less than 2 months of working together with Miks I found a man that finally treats me the way I deserve to be treated!

  • avatar Ieva Kibare student, actress

    Miks helped me understand what even the most seasoned bachelors deep down want. With his help I was also able to overcome the fear of success and go after my dreams!

Intro By Miks Himself

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    4 Important Videos You’ll Get

    1. "How To Detect His True Intentions" Miks will explain how to see through the smoke & mirrors and find out his intentions so you only get involved with those men whose intentions match yours!
    2. "How To Tell If You're Dating A Boy Or A Man" This video will help you look at all guys from a different perspective so you know right away whom you`re dealing with. 
    3. "8 Signs You're Just A Side Chick" Take a look at your situation from another angle and know when to cut the cord and move on.
    4. "How to Increase Your Chances of Finding The One?" Know what to do and how to act to increase your chances of settling down.

About Your Coach

Miks Ozolins is quickly becoming the most sought-after Dating Coach in New York City. 

He is known for teaching men how to instantly communicate with women on an emotional level, helping women understand men better, and for "helping souls connect".

His free video tips have been watched by more than a 100,000 people and those who are subscribed to his Confidence Method mailing list receive them on a regular basis.

Based on a client's need Miks offers most suitable program for each.

Miks, Kim, and their daughter Eisley reside in New York City.

Just enter your email and 
get 4+ videos in your mailbox

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